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Macrofy wants you to get your macronutrients. All of them!


We’re obsessed with quality ingredients, free range meat and individualized portions.


We partner with kitchens that cross our checklist.

Individualised Macros


Whether you joined the gym in January or are an athlete, we understand what you need.

Certified Meals


We don’t give you anything a nutritionist or a chef wouldn’t advise you to eat.

Absolutely Fresh


No freezing, no storage. Delivered as and when required.

Introducing Low Carb Meals


Crafted by a Cordon Bleu Chef


Macros based portioning.


Almost zero refined sugar.

Only Extra Virgin Coconut & Olive Oils used.

Upcoming Lifestyles


We are working on building

a range of lifestyles


Each lifestyle is thoroughly vetted and researched by established nutritionists.



High fat, adequate protein and almost zero carb. Great for runners and quick weight loss requirements.



Eat like your ancestors did. You won’t find any refined or processed foods here.  All fresh, and from Mother Earth.

High Protein


You’re shredding at the gym, but are your meals getting enough protein to help build all that muscle?

The Team


Vishak Ayappan

Cofounder, Macrofy.


Sreekesh Krishnan

Cofounder, Macrofy.



Cofounder, Macrofy.


Arvind Ashok

Nutrition Coach & Founder, The Quad


Arvind is a StrongFirst Girya, and a certified nutrition coach. His journey began with self-experimentation, his highly-followed blog, ArvFit, and hours and hours of research.


Shriram Rajendran

Chef & Founder, The Table


A culinary enthusiast and Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, his passion for freshness, quality, common sense and fun is expressed in his products.

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